Noriy.NET One Step Ahead

Enter an address and get the rating

Surf the web with no risks

Control the traffic on your computer

Get connected and you will be notified of potentially dangerous activity



Keep track of accessed websites instantly and everywhere


Stay away from unwanted websites


Be notified when someone access dangerous websites


Web managing is optimised for phones and tablets


Avoid millions of domains from a variety of categories


Establishing safety ranking is based on user's data

Social Media

Connect right now via social networks


Being a part in community still keeps your data private

The great idea behind Noriy.NET is that users define safety!

Our Vision

Easy to use

Noriy.NET was designed to be intuitive, so anyone can easily use it. With just one page, you have total control of your web traffic!

Based on people

Being a part of community improves all user's experience. Together we can make the web more secure!

More than an app

It is build with new technologies and we designed it as a scalable platform in web safety. Totally open source!

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